Reusable Fabric Face Masks in South Africa

Our masks are not cheap and we proudly aim to sell some of the best quality face masks in South Africa. Invest in a reusable breathable scuba mask that’s fully washable and safe and you’ll see why we have become one of the fastest-growing face mask brands in South Africa.

Thousands of formal and informal mask manufacturers have sprung up all over the country. This is a good thing and the sooner that all South Africans are wearing some form of face protection the better. In the light of the Coronavirus pandemic, one of the biggest medical supply demands globally has been the need for protective face masks. Here in South Africa, the demand is growing daily and as our infection rates climb to over 360 00 and awareness and demand for masks increase the industry is under pressure to perform. Respected virologist and the US director for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention Robert Redfield tweeted this week that he believes the Covid – 19 global pandemic could rapidly be brought under control in a period of 4 to 8 weeks if “we could just get everybody to wear a mask right now.”

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Any protection is better than no protection but we need to ask how effective are non-medical masks at protecting you from the Coronavirus. There are two major factors at play here. A good mask is one that can fit tightly over your nose and mouth, has densely woven fibers in at least two and hopefully multiple layers, and it must allow you to breathe easily. Obviously, the more tightly woven the fabric in your face mask, the more effective it will be in filtering viral particles. Diamond mesh fences can’t keep out mosquitos, so don’t cut any corners and buy a premium Scuba washable face mask South Africa.

Proudly South African premium face masks

Many South Africans are reverting to homemade designs and manufacture with any fabric and these may only slightly improve an imperfect mask. Homemade masks have limitations and a loose-fitting cotton mask may make the wearer think he is invincible. This face mask is going to slow, but not prevent, transmission. The effectiveness of a homemade mask depends more on how it’s worn and its design than the fabrics used. It’s how they fit around your nose and mouth that really counts.

Many infected patients are asymptomatic so insisting everyone wears a mask will prevent the accidental spread of the virus. Wearing any mask or face covering – a dishcloth or bandana, a dust mask or construction mask, a neck buff or surgical mask is better than nothing as long as it covers your nose and mouth. A breathable scuba mask is effective because it protects you, and because it limits saliva from your nose and mouth from escaping it’s protecting those whom you come into contact to as well.

Insist on the best, and it is super easy to buy breathable face masks online in South Africa from our 3-D secure shop website page!

Why wear our Premium Scuba Washable Face Masks?

They are a robust and durable design that’s hard wearing and will last. You can reuse them again and again and again. So they make massive financial sense. Compare a single-use mask at say R15 a pop to what you find on Onlinemasks. You should only use these disposable masks for a few hours and then replace them. Initially, our protective masks may look expensive. In the short run, they will save you money, as they are washable & reusable face masks and keep you safe.

Don’t take our word for it and have a look at OnlineMasks review page to see the rave feedback we have got from our very happy customers who have decided to buy our face masks in South Africa.

Cutting edge design and breathable face mask fabrics

We take our online face mask business in South Africa very seriously. New products are on the production line and under review. We are continually looking at ways of refining our designs and sourcing the best quality fabrics we can. Our aim is to remain competitive but provide quality very few others can. And make it super easy to buy a face mask online in South Africa through our website.

Outer Washable Scuba Mask Neoprene layer

Our outer scuba layer is a double knit polyester neoprene that is a lofty double knit fabric made of finely spun polyester fibers. It has great stretch properties and is perfect in creating our form-fitting face masks. Its stretchy, breathable and tear-resistant and a signature aspect to our reusable face masks. There’s a choice of colours to suit everyone’s personal tastes in face mask apparel.

Polypropylene middle filter layer

Not all face mask filtration is created equal, and this is where our face masks come into a league of their own. The fabric we use in our middle filter layer is a dense polypropylene meltblown hydrophobic filter. This is not a weave and therefore super effective at filtering small particles.

This material is positioned strategically between the outer and inner layer to keep you safe and protected.

Inner breathable face mask layer

The inner layer against your face is a birds-eye fabric that avoids moisture buildup within the mask and on the nose and mouth. It is breathable, anti-static, waterproof and flame-retardant and the perfect option on your reusable face mask.

You will struggle to find a better value quality face mask in South Africa right now.

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