PurpleRay Classic UVC Sterilizer


Why use an Ultraviolet sterilization unit?

First and foremost if used correctly for the right application UVC kills viruses and bacteria. UV sterilization is easy, super cheap and very effective. Using other products like alcohol-based solvents or detergents to sterilize your PPE may be very harmful to the user – you! Our Purple Ray Classic UVC radiation units and light sterilizer are perfect for home use and a small office. It’s been designed to be easy to use and with audio timers and door open alarms – you can effectively sterilize masks and more in the comfort of your home. And what more – it is proudly South African designed and manufactured.

Purple Ray Classic UVC sterilizers

This UV light sterilizer unit is ideally suited for family homes and small businesses or retail outlets. It can conveniently sterilize a keyboard and cash, masks, gloves and food items using UVC.

From globe failure detection to a mains supply fuse. This UVC sterilizer has it all and is not only technically super cool – it looks hip and stylish with desktop mounting, a wood-grain finish with scratch-resistant rubber mounts and brushed metal handles. Go try to find another UVC unit with all these features at this price, especially a UVC unit that’s not imported from China. Support this fully locally designed and manufactured UV sterilizer unit.

Does UV light kill the Coronavirus?

The short answer is yes, and it does so very effectively. However UV light needs to be used in the correct application, following the manufacturer’s guidelines and taking into account UV must have a line of sight to sterilize effectively.

Ultraviolet Light Sterilizers. Real weapons for the war against COVID-19

  • Sterilizing effectively– UVC light kills bacteria and viruses Universal – sterilizes the surface of any object or material.
  • Super Fast UV Sterilizer – only 3 minutes per side.
  • Super Safe – UV light eliminates the need for zero toxic detergents and solvents.
  • Delicate – only shines light on your most fragile possessions.
  • Dry – no water or cleaning fluids used so no drying time
  • Accessible – this UV sterilizer unit can sit next to you on your desk.
  • Energy Efficient – almost zero electricity less than 10 cents a month

Size: 700(W) x 540(D) x 250(H) mm

Lamp: TUV 15W SLV/25.
Mains power lead: 2 meters.
Power: 230V~, 50Hz, 30VA.

Capacity example:​

PurpleRay Classic UVC Sterilizer PurpleRay Classic UVC Sterilizer PurpleRay Classic UVC Sterilizer PurpleRay Classic UVC Sterilizer