Scuba Material Face Mask & Head Strap Deal

R112.50 R90.99

This special offer includes a Scuba 3 ply Reusable Face Mask, (our legendary and premium fully formed face mask in 5 sizes and 4 colours) as well as a face mask head strap. This combo deal is ideally suited for more active individuals that have to ensure their mask remains on their face at all times. It’s also a perfect option as a children’s mask with a head strap for South African kids!

Washable Face Mask and head strap combo package

This reusable face mask and head strap combo is ideal for front line responders, paramedics and Joe public who want their mask firmly fixed to their head – no exceptions. Save now and purchase these 2 awesome products together in a combo special deal. The mask head strap also allows the mask to be slipped off and rest around the neck when it’s not needed on the face.

Do not compromise on your personal safety. Wear a breathable scuba fabric mask South Africa!