Disinfectant Sanitizing Wipes


    What makes our wipes different?

    Well, it does not use alcohol to kill pathogens, and so the alcohol content of our cloth is very low, less than 15%. The alcohol is added to the product to assist with drying only. If alcohol is used to kill viruses and bacteria, it will only kill them for the one moment of contact, and once evaporated, it loses all killing effect. Alcohol also takes its toll on the skin after prolonged and excessive use, making this a much more user-friendly product.

    How does it kill more effectively than high alcohol solutions?

    The active ingredient that we use, QAC (Quaternary Ammonium) is added to kill pathogens. Because we use an active ingredient, this product stays active on any surface that is wiped with the cloth..it is transferred from the cloth to tabletop, counters, desks, trolleys etc, and stays on the surface until cleaned off. The product, therefore, has an ongoing killing effect.

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