Compact home use UVC Sterilizer


Perfect Compact Ultraviolet Sterilizer

This small and compact UVC unit sits on your desk and is cheap, quick and effective and easy to use. It eliminates the use of detergents and chemicals that could be harmful. Our Purple Ray UV compact sterilizer is perfect for home use. High-quality germicidal globes emit a wavelength of  254nm UVC ultraviolet radiation. There is an automatic dosing timer that has audio and visual alarms so you can control your UV sterilization process.

Locally produced and a proudly South African UV unit, it has a number of unique features and is in a league of its own. The front-loading door has a safety switch and door-open detector. With a mains failure and/or door-open detection alarm, this portable UV sterilizing unit will auto-restarts the sterilizing cycles in the event of a problem.

Purple Ray Compact UV sterilization box

The Compact Purple Ray unit is ideally suited for small homes and families and personal use. It will sterilize masks and glove and food items using UVC. Easy to use and effective in keeping you safe against virus contamination!

From globe failure detection to a mains supply fuse. The unit has it all and is not only technically super slick – it looks hip and stylish with desktop mounting, a wood-grain finish with scratch-resistant rubber mounts and brushed metal handles. Go try finding another unit with all these features at this price, especially a UV unit that’s not imported from China. Support this fully SA locally designed and manufactured UV sterilizer.

UVC Sterilizers. Weapons against virus infection

  • Ultraviolet light sterilizes and destroys viruses and bacteria.
  • The surface of any object or material can be sterilized with UV.
  • Super Fast at only 3 minutes per side.
  • No toxic detergents and harsh solvents keeping you safe.
  • Delicate – only shines light on your most fragile possessions.
  • No drying time as water or cleaning fluids are not used
  • Comfortably sits next to you on your desk. Or kitchen table
  • Almost no electricity usage @ less than 10 cents a month

Size: 340(W) x 250(D) x 200(H) mm.

Capacity example:​
Size: 340(W) x 250(D) x 200(H) mm.