Reusable Plastic Face Shields


    Our Perspex plastic reusable and reliable face shields are an effective barrier against infection and according to some experts, Face shields could offer even more effective protection against coronavirus than masks.

    An important difference is that they also protect the eyes from infection which face masks cannot do. Plastic face shields are also super comfortable to use and don’t impair breathing as masks do. It’s also easier to communicate as the mouth is visible when wearing a face shield and they stop all hand to face contact very effectively.

    How do plastic face shields work

    Plastic face shields create a large and solid barrier across the face area. They are very easy to clean and stop nose or eye touching more effectively than masks. In fact, when wearing a plastic face shield it’s impossible to touch your face unless the screen is lifted or removed.

    Are plastic face shields safe and easy to use?

    Our plastic face screens are fully adjustable to head size so expect a firm but comfy fit. Face Shields also eliminate the task of washing that’s required with reusable fabric face masks. So, yes they are super easy to use and maybe a great option for small children who need protection. Slip them on after adjusting the head strap and you are good to go.