It’s all of our social and moral responsibility to help stop the spread of this deadly pandemic in South Africa. This includes the use of suitable face masks and personal protection equipment, regular and thorough washing of hands and limiting contact with other people at all costs. Respect the lockdown and let’s get through this together. See our Online Personal Protection Equipment Product Catalogue below.

Anything that limits the spread of the COVID-19 virus saves lives! If you want to buy face masks online in South Africa, here are some of the best protective masks and equipment on the market.

Personal Protection Equipment South Africa

We have a wide range of PPE products to protect you and your family against infection from Covid-19. These include our legendary premium reusable washable face masks, hand sanitiser in various sizes that is waterless and confirms to WHO requirements, Perspex face screens, hand sanitizer dispensers and Perspex barrier screens for retail and public spaces. We have also just launched Purple Ray – a SA designed and manufactured UV sterilizer for home and small office use.

Wear a reusable face mask and be safe. Follow the lockdown rules and safety guidelines and let’s get through this together.

Premium Proper Performance Masks

Our premium scuba face masks have become legendary. Trust what our clients have to say about them and why they keep coming back for more. More than half of our clients have either come back to order further masks or made a recommendation to friends and family. Many of our customers are now using our scuba three ply reusable and washable masks in their workplaces and supplying these protective face masks to their staff and team!

We are not trying to be the cheapest and churn out thousands of washable face masks. Nor do we want to compete with other fabric face mask manufacturers in South Africa. The brand stands apart and alone for good reason.

Our online portal makes it super easy to buy face masks, South Africa.

Our Super Hero Scuba Face Mask

This is our premium top selling reusable face mask for good reason. It’s fully washable and has an extremely comfortable fit. Not only do our masks look cool – they are there to effectively filter the air we breathe and limit the spread of the virus. And they do exactly that.

This premium scuba mask lasts! Our office and dispatch team have all been wearing the same two scuba masks for the past 7 weeks and they still look brilliant and are fully functional.

By now, we all own a mask or two. Have a good look at how they are wearing and how long will they last. And then it’s easy to see why our reusable masks are such good value for money. The top neoprene face mask in South Africa!

Scuba Three ply COVID-19 Face Mask

Remember in these Scuba 3 Ply Face masks, it is the middle filter layer that’s the most important. And that is what makes Scuba Masks so effective and superior. The high-quality propylene is NOT woven – it is one layer of meltblown propylene that is sonically bonded together. This is super reliable and effective as a filter for aerosol and droplet particles of the Corona-19 virus.

All masks are produced under strict sanitary conditions and individually UV sterilized in medical sterilizers before packing in re-sealable packages.

Read more on how to fit, remove and sterilize your Scuba face mask safely here.

Branded Reusable face masks

Other Protective Face Masks South Africa

We also offer a number of entry-level protective face masks for low-level use and when the risk of viral infection is not so prevalent. Have a look at our shop page here to see what’s on offer.  They are all reusable and washable face masks and have been carefully selected based on your budget available.

OnlineMasks now also offers our in house designed and manufactured head straps which are easily attached to our reusable masks. These mask head straps allow for robust use of your mask and maximum protection in more active environments where you simply can’t afford to have your mask slip of your ears! Perfect for paramedics and emergency first responders who demand a 100% snug fit on their face mask!

Product Catalogue


Reusable Face Mask with Filter

SA Flag Mask Special Deal


Scuba Three Ply Face Mask

Scuba Three Ply Face Mask

R99.99 R49.00

Brandable Reusable face masks

Brandable Reusable Face Masks

R59.95 R29.99

Reusable Face Mask with Filter

Fabric face masks with filter element

R59.95 R27.50

Face Mask Head Strap

Face Mask Head Strap

R25.00 R15.00
R112.50 R64.99

Disposable Three Ply Face Masks

50 Pack Disposable Three Ply Face Masks

R160.00 R100.00

Classic Three Ply Face Mask

Classic Three Ply Face Mask

R100.00 R40.00

PurpleRay UVC Sterilizer

UVC Sterilizer PurpleRay Pro


PurpleRay UVC Sterilizer

PurpleRay Classic UVC Sterilizer


PurpleRay UVC Sterilizer

Compact home use UVC Sterilizer


Perspex face shields

Reusable Plastic Face Shields


Hand Sanitiser for Adults

Waterless Hand Sanitiser for Adults


Hand Sanitiser for kids

Waterless Hand Sanitiser for Kids


Our Wide Range of PPE products

Yes, a mask is your front line defence against the virus and the most important part of your personal protection equipment. However, if you are not following strict hygiene and sanitation guidelines then you may be wasting your time and putting yourself at further risk.

Don’t assume that because you are wearing a mask you are bulletproof and a 100% safe. If you do not follow protocol in removing your mask and sterilizing it correctly – then you are not covered. Rule number one is to wash your hands. Do this often and for at least twenty seconds with warm soapy water, especially before you remove your protective scuba face mask.

Make regular use of hand sanitizers and try making  hands-free sanitizer dispensers part of the plan. Take great care when you sterilize your face mask and use our new Purple Ray UV sterilizer to sanitize keyboards, masks and money.

FAQ – Protecting My Family

What products do I need to protect myself and my family? By using the safety products we have available you are covering almost all bases and following protocol in the spread of the Coronavirus. Make them part of your daily routine and you will stay safe. Wear a protective mask and sanitize them often

What is the most important protection item I need? Undoubtedly a good quality scuba face mask that provides an effective barrier against infection and exposure to the virus. Don’t skimp on quality and remember not all fabric masks are the same or provide the same level of protection. You can’t stop mosquitos with a diamond mesh fence, so don’t assume inferior masks provide effective protection.