As we wait patiently till we can reopen our lodge and safari industry, it’s a great idea to get prepared and ready to receive guests. As a lodge owner and operator, recently moved to the PPE business I am fully aware of what’s needed to reassure your agents and guests alike.

Training staff to use PPE in the Lodge Industry

Get your staff used to wearing masks effectively now. It’s vital for their protection and the safety of your guests that they wear their masks correctly and importantly remove and apply their masks in a way that is safe and reassures guests. Use our fully washable and reusable scuba masks as they will last and look super cool especially when branded. Insist on top quality face protection as this is a must. You don’t use a diamond mesh fence to keep out the mosquitos, and need solid filtration to keep safe! Add head straps to active staff like guides and chefs – who simply cannot afford to have a mask fall off, especially in front of guests.

Masks are only one part of the puzzle but start there.

Personal Protection Equipment for the Tourism Sector
Personal Protection Equipment for the Tourism Sector
PPE for the Lodge and Safari Business

Show the Travel Trade you are ready to receive Guests post Covid -19

Train and retrain your staff and record this training. For compliance purposes you have a written record of what PPE training you have done and when this occurred. And as this training is repeated it becomes second nature to your team. By the time your first guests arrive it will be obvious that your property takes their safety seriously.

Spread the word and share this. Post PPE training information and videos on your social media pages and build trust. Send out a newsletter telling both trade and direct clients what you are doing to prepare for first guest arrivals. Stand out and above your competitors, as you promote a solid awareness policy and action plan with your lodge team.

Personal Protection Equipment for the Tourism Sector

All staff are still likely to be required to wear a face mask when guests return. Get a solid reusable washable mask, and supply two per staff member for obvious reasons. There will be further compliance guidelines and regulation’s issued as we get closer to opening the tourism sector. Follow these and prepare by installing hand sanitation stations, UV sterilizers and suitable posters and literature to remind all to follow the guidelines set. See our recommendations and PPE products for businesses here.

Compliance with Covid -19 regulations builds trust

Build trust with your staff, your agents and the travel trade now. They need to be reassured in these challenging times. And if you stand apart from the herd with a serious PPE and Covid -19 strategy and approach it will help your occupancies going forward.

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