Face masks limit the spread of this disease. The World Health Organisation and other governing bodies have confirmed the spread is via droplets and aerosols exhaled or sneezed by infected individuals. Another major risk is that Coronavirus airborne particles may land on surfaces or items or food you may be handling. If thereafter you touch your face or mouth then the virus may be transferred.

Washable face masks offer substantial protection for all of the above transmission routes and act as a physical barrier especially reducing hand to mouth contact. An effective mask would also limit infection of others should you cough or sneeze. We have premium scuba face masks for sale in South Africa right now.

Stay safe with a reusable face mask South Africa

  • Regular and thorough hand washing for a minimum of twenty seconds
  • Sanitizing surfaces and areas you touch with a suitable approved sanitizer
  • Never touch your face, nose or eyes whilst in public places
  • Follow the minimum two-meter social distancing rule
  • And very best of all – stay at home at wherever possible

Putting on a washable Scuba face mask safely:

Always wash your hands using soap and hot water (or clean with hand sanitizer) before wearing or removing your washable face mask South Africa. Locate the top of the mask (with the stiff bendable edge). Hold the mask by the ear loops and fit around each ear. Adjust the wire around your nose to fit the mask.

Safely removing the breathable scuba face mask:

Before entering your home hold both ear loops and gently remove the breathable face mask. Avoid touching the outer surface of the mask as it may be contaminated. Turn the Scuba washable face mask inside out and place in a re-sealable plastic bag.

WASH YOUR HANDS AGAIN thoroughly before touching your face or any other surface.

Washing and sterilizing instructions for your Scuba face masks:

Spray the face mask with a 70% alcohol solution. If alcohol is not available – taking rustburgpharmacy.com precautions to avoid scalding – hold the mask in the direct jet stream from a kettle and thoroughly expose the surfaces to the hottest steam. Use tongs if possible. The mask can also be cleaned by thoroughly hand-washing it in hot, soapy water. Wash your hands thoroughly at the same time. Drying or leaving the mask when not in use in direct sunlight will also assist via UV radiation to kill the virus.

Store the disinfected and fully dried mask in a clean, sealed packet until it is next required for use. If you are requiring a mask change frequently best to have two Scuba cloth masks so you can alternate as one dries or is sterilized, with the other being in use.

Here are some useful and informative links for your information and personal safety during the COVID-19 crisis.



How to put on a face mask
How to put on a face mask
How to put on a face mask
How to put on a face mask