You can wear it as long as is needed to protect yourself. Obviously, when you before you leave the safety of your home put on your mask. Whenever you are or may be in contact with any individual wear your face mask. If you are outside the security of your own home – whether its drawing cash from an ATM or shopping at your local supermarket – wear your face mask.

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Apply your Premium Scuba face mask prior to venturing out and be sure you have adjusted the wire strips across the bridge of the nose and on your cheeks.

Practice strict discipline with hands touching the mask in whatever you are doing. Whenever you need to remove the mask – to have a meal or cigarette, or simply need a break from it, follow removal steps very carefully.

Sterilize your hands and remove the elasticated mask bands from behind your ears. Fold the mask inside out and place it in warm water or spray with alcohol spray. Re- sterilize your hands. If possible leave the mask in direct sunlight until its next use. Hand to mouth transmission is a major route of infection from the virus.

When re-applying the mask – sterilize your hands and carefully place the bands around your ears. Repeat the above steps meticulously each and every time you remove and refit your mask.

How long will my Scuba Three Ply Face Mask last?

Your masks will be effective for at least six to 8 weeks if it is being used daily and washed twice daily. If you use your mask occasionally or every other day it will last a whole lot longer. Our team has been using their same mask daily for over 5 weeks now, washing them daily and exposing them to direct sunlight as part of the sterilization process. Remember not all fabric face masks in South Africa are created equal and our premium Scuba Three Ply Face Masks are some of the most effective and durable face masks on the market. When purchasing a mask always compare apples with apples. Consider price against the filter medium that is used and how long these masks will remain effective, and we have yet to find masks that compete with ours.

Rewashable and reusable face masks South Africa

Our middle layer filter medium IS A hydrophobic blown polypropylene material. As a blown fabric versus a woven one – this gives a three-dimensional filter structure. Woven filters have gaps between the threads and are therefore not as effective. We have never claimed our masks as medical masks, but the filter medium we use is medical grade and a very effective filter and barrier.

To prolong the life of your Scuba Three Ply face mask, take real care in your washing and cleaning process. Wash by hand carefully in very warm water for at least a minute. If you can use steam or UV sterilization it’s even more effective.

After washing carefully squeeze water from the mask and leave in direct sunlight to dry. If you need to remove your mask in public and replace it – use an alcohol spray to sterilize. Remember if you have been in contact with the Corona – 19 virus it will be on the outside of your mask. So be super diligent with hygiene and hand cleanliness.

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