As we sell more and more protective face masks to the people of South Africa we are getting asked similar questions by our customers. Here are the answers to your frequently asked questions on our premium washable fabric face masks below and how to order masks online in South Africa.

How do I order a face mask online in South Africa?

It’s super easy and you have a number of options to choose from. We love personal contact with our clients so give us a call or WhatsApp message and we can run through your options and order process if you need to. The easiest way to buy a mask is to use our online shopping platform to choose colors, sizes, mask type, payment methods and additional products like head straps. Our face mask shopping cart is super user friendly and it’s not difficult to place orders. Your delivery charges will be automatically calculated by adding your address and our payment platform is fully 3-D secure.

We have tried to make it an easy and streamlined process to order your face masks online. As we all have to now wear masks in South Africa it is going to be part of our daily apparel.

Are our scuba face masks reusable?

Our Premium Scuba Masks are fully reusable and have been specifically designed with this purpose in mind. Not all face masks are created equal and we pride ourselves on providing some of the best quality reusable face masks currently available in South Africa. Most importantly they are a fully washable protective mask. After using your protective mask follow the mask user instructions carefully and remove your mask carefully based on the detailed instructions given to you. Follow the washing and sterilization procedure and our reusable face masks will give you extended use and protection.

Washable face masks South Africa 

Once you have been in a public place and wish to remove your mask, first of all wash your hands with warm soapy water thoroughly. Carefully remove your face mask by easing the ear straps or head straps off your face or head without touching the front of the mask. Place the mask in hot soapy water, wash thoroughly and leave in the sun to dry. You can also use alcohol, steam or a UV sterilizer to sterilize your reusable mask. Iron your protective face mask on steam setting once it’s dry as an additional precaution.

With daily use and washing our masks will be effective for six to eight weeks. If your mask is worn less it will last a whole lot longer.

Are fabric face masks effective against Coronavirus?

Your washable and reusable face mask is only effective if it used correctly and thoroughly cleaned according to instructions. There’s a huge range of face masks available in South Africa and their quality will determine their level of effectiveness.

As a whole, any barrier around the mouth and nose reduces transmission of the virus both ways. While cloth masks are not as effective as surgical masks, our protective face masks fit snugly and have a very effective middle filter layer. Find out more on our washable face mask specifications here.

Protective fabric face masks also importantly reduce hand to mouth or face transmission. Our masks will certainly reduce your chances of exposure to Coronavirus in crowded places like malls and taxis. And by all of us wearing some form of protective face mask in South Africa, it creates a whole lot more awareness for COVID – 19 and the spread of the pandemic.

What is a three-ply face mask and how does it work?

A three-ply face mask means it has three specific layers of fabric and each of these perform a key function. Our outer scuba layer gives the mask form and its hydrophobic properties repel droplets and vapour. The critical middle filtration layer is medical grade N95 quality blown polypropylene for maximum  filtration. It effectively limits the passage of minute particles from entering the body. Our inner wick material serves to remove moisture away from your mouth to avoid moisture buildup within the face masks. Our scuba face masks uniquely have 3 wire inserts across the bridge of the nose and on either check. This creates a solid seal and avoids irritations like glasses misting up with simple adjustments.

How do you use a three-ply mask?

Our Scuba breathable face masks are super simple to wear, apply and remove. They are comfortable and fashionable and you will soon stop noticing you are wearing one. You apply the mask before you go into public by placing the earloops behind the ears, attaching a head strap if worn and ensuring you have a firm fit around your nose and face by adjusting the wire inserts. Removing it is super easy and has been explained above. Follow washing, storage and application instructions carefully. It’s a fully washable face mask so wash as often as you need. There is also a mask sizing chart here so make sure you order the right size breathable scuba face mask for your face size.

Children’s face masks South Africa

All our kids are back at school or about and will need to wear kids face mask or face shield. Our children’s face masks come in small and extra small and should fit kids from the age of 4 to 10. Check our sizing chart before ordering. Get your kids used to wearing protective masks now so that they will be uncomfortable about wearing them for extended periods. Our kids face masks need to become a part of their daily routine now. Gradually extend wearing periods and use kids mask times to discuss other topics with your children. This should include washing of hands and how to remove and replace the mask with great care and diligence. Get them used to remove and replace a kiddies face mask often. Practice at mealtimes especially so you know your kids will be covered when they eat their lunch at school. Make it part of the daily routine now, and soon it will be second nature to your children. As these are washable face masks get your children to also learn how to wash and care for their mask.

We strongly recommend you get at least two of our legendary scuba children’s face masks per child. This way you can wash and change them often.

Face mask delivery in South Africa

We deliver protective face masks in South Africa during to your door as long as you are not too far off the beaten track. Supply your delivery address at checkout and we do the rest for you. Delivery charges on your face mask orders are calculated instantly and charged accordingly. Weigh bill numbers and estimated delivery times can also be supplied if needed. It’s a really simple process to order face masks online and have them delivered to your door.

We care about you getting your washable scuba face masks and personal protective equipment to you on time, and ensure safe and efficient delivery to your door!

Will my child need to wear a mask to school?

Yes, all children and teachers will have to wear some form of protective face mask to attend school for the foreseeable future. It’s been gazetted that all children must wear face masks to school in South Africa. Students who attend colleges or higher learning institutions in SA will also have to wear a face mask as part of their PPE.

There will be other requirements to protect your child whilst attending school. This will include the provision of hand sanitizer and Perspex screens to reduce transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Best we make our children familiar with wearing a face mask for a long time to come in South Africa.

Is it law to wear a face mask in public in South Africa?

Yes, its law and failure to wear a protective mask in public is now a serious offence. If you are found guilty of wearing no face protection whilst in the public domain you may be liable to a fine of R2000.

It’s also mandatory to wear a mask whilst using public or private transport.

Durban based attorney Theasen Pillay says, “My advice to anyone is … from the time you leave home, put on a protective face mask. Regardless of where you are going, in whatever mode of transport, you are travelling in. If you are at work, if you are in public in any forum, until the time that you return home, keep the mask on.”

“It will not only remove the risk of a very hefty fine, but it will drastically reduce the chance of infection, which is ultimately the goal of this entire proceedings and our lifestyle currently.”

Must I wear a face mask to exercise?

The short answer is yes, and no exceptions apply. You have to wear some form of protective face covering the moment you step outside your home regardless of what you are doing. Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Dlamini Zuma said the following – you may wear any form of facial protection, including scarves or “another appropriate item” that covers your nose and mouth when in a public place.

“Surgical masks and N-95 masks are critical supplies that must be reserved for healthcare workers and other medical first responders. The public is strongly discouraged from using these masks,”

Let’s wise up and stay safe. Wear a face mask South Africa.