According to new government guidelines as our nation’s workforce  is back and operational there are very strict rules and regulations in place for employers and what they must provide for employees. This is to ensure the safety of the workforce and in the case of retail business, the safety of their customers as entering the retail space.

PPE services and equipment supplies South Africa

OnlineMasks has assisted a number of smaller businesses and retail outlets with solid PPE solutions based on their needs. This includes the supply of our legendary reusable scuba masks to all staff members and the training of staff on how to use these masks effectively. As well as how to remove masks safely and sterilize our reusable face masks effectively. We provide training to your team as part of our services and the use of reusable washable face masks. We have a number of different face masks for sale in South Africa to suit your requirements and budget.

Other PPE equipment available to businesses is in the form of plastic face shields, foot pump sanitizer dispensers and our PurpleRay UVC sterilizers. These fully local machines are perfect for sterilizing keyboards and masks and gloves. Business and retail owners need to get into the routine and headspace – that providing PPE for staff and ensuring everyone’s safety will be a part of the business for the foreseeable future.

Act decisively and quickly to maximize the protection of your staff and customers as part of the fight against COVID – 19 in South Africa.

Face masks for South African Businesses

Consider a potential customer approaching your retail space and wondering if they will be safe to enterEveryone is aware of and becoming more aware of the risk of infection. This awareness will only increase as infection rates soar. As they approach your shop door they can see a hands free sanitizer dispenser. They look through the glass and see ALL your staff equipped in branded scuba face masks. They see your PPE literature on posters on the wall. There are Perspex screens in place at all tills and high-risk close contact areas. You offer to sterilize their purchase in a UV sterilizer at the till point on payment.

Do the maths. Clients will feel comfortable and know you are taking the pandemic seriously. You have built trust and a safe environment for them to shop. It’s a simple and winning formula.

We offer some cost-effective packages for small and medium businesses to take care of all your PPE needs immediately.

UVC Sterilizer PurpleRay Pro
foot operated hand sanitizer dispenser south africa
Back to Work KIT


Perfect for Medium Size Businesses and Retail Space with Up to 40 Employees

  • Forty reusable washable premium scuba masks with head straps
  • Two hands company-branded free foot pump sanitizer dispensers with 10l hand sanitizer
  • UVC PurpleRay units – one Pro and one Classic mouse, keyboard and cash sterilizer
  • COVID Essentials Kit – 1 pull up 2000x850mm banner, 2 A2 posters, 10 A3 posters and twelve practice social distancing floor decals
  • Four Perspex barrier desk screens
  • Twenty 300ml individual sanitizer bottles
  • 50 disposable masks for emergencies and ten plastic face shields
  • 100 three-ply disposable masks for emergency purposes

Cost to company R30,795

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Every employer must provide reusable face masks in South Africa:

  • Provide all employees free of charge with a minimum of two reusable breathable cloth face masks. These wwashable face masks must comply with the guidelines issued by the Department of Trade and Industry
  • These protective face masks are required to be worn in the workplace and when commuting to work
  • All staff and workers must be instructed, informed and trained in the correct use of the reusable masks provided. If staff are not familiar with how to use their protective face masks correctly then it’s a waste of time supplying them
  • It’s the employer’s responsibility to arrange for washing and sterilization of the washable face masks provided daily.

And it’s not just any reusable cloth face mask that can be provided to staff members, there are strict guidelines that have been set out by the government on mask specifications for the workplace.

Personal protection equipment guidelines for business and staff

Besides the regulations on face masks which are clearly outlined, there are a number of other requirements for business owners to stay on the right side of the law. This would include specific PPE based on the business environment the employees find themselves in and their requested tasks daily. Make yourself totally familiar with all these guidelines and new rules as a business owner. There are over 1.8 million employers presently in South Africa. And it will be impossible for the Department of Labour to check on compliance in every workspace.

There is, therefore, a reliance on employers to ensure voluntary compliance with the occupational health and safety directive. It’s an ethical responsibility to the country and your staff and customers alike. Let’s take this seriously and comply!

Hand sanitizer dispensers for business SA

As with washable face masks, employers must provide hand sanitizer free of charge under the following conditions

  • Sufficient quantities of 70% alcohol content hand sanitizer that will service the workforce adequately
  • This hand sanitizer needs to be dispensed in a hygienic manner to avoid cross-contamination
  • All employees who work away from the workplace are also supplied  with an adequate supply of hand sanitizer

 “Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less.”

Marie Curie scientist and Nobel Prize winner

Face masks with head strap
Foot pump sanitiser dispensers
Cough & Sneeze Guard Perspex Retail Screens
A1 Social Distancing


Perfect for Smaller Businesses and Retail Space with Up to 20 Employees

  • 25 reusable washable premium scuba masks
  • One hands company-branded free foot pump sanitizer dispenser with 10L sanitizer
  • COVID Essentials Kit – 1 pull up banner, 2 by A2 posters, 4 by A3 posters and six practice social distancing floor decals
  • UVC PurpleRay Classic mouse, keyboard and cash sterilizer
  • 2 Perspex desk screens
  • Twenty 300ml individual sanitizer bottles
  • 50 disposable masks for emergencies

Cost to company R17,795

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