Masks for Children South Africa. Children like the rest of us are going to have to get their heads around wearing face masks as soon as they venture out into the public again. The new government ruling applies to adults and children alike and this will become part of our normal landscape for many months to come. And it’s back to school soon parents so let’s gear up and get our children familiar with wearing a face mask.

Kids Face Masks South Africa

Our children’s reusable face masks are manufactured exactly the same way our adult masks are. The outer scuba layer gives the mask form and the silicon-coated nose wire can be bent to form a tight fit. If your kid wears glasses by adjusting the wire on the nose bridge misting up of glasses is eliminated. The dense meltblown hydrophobic middle filter layer is superior filtration material to provide maximum protection and safety.  The inner wick allows the release of vapour from the face from your kids mask. Consider the quality of filtration in the face masks your children are wearing South Africa.

There is a sizing guide here so that you can order the correct face mask for your children easily online. As a mask supplier for children in South Africa, we conveniently make extra small and small face masks specifically for kids. My own kids are five and ten, and yes they wear my masks. The five-year-old has just outgrown an extra small and my ten-year-old boy feels comfortable in a medium. As a rule of thumb – less than 5 years old go with an Extra Small; 5 to 9 years old Small and 10 years and above use a Medium.

Buy at least two masks per child, so you can carefully wash our reusable kids masks each day and always have a spare. Teach your kids how to alternate between the two children’s masks and not risk wearing a mask that’s soiled or needs changing. Explain to them how to remove their mask carefully and that if they are out in public the virus may be on the outer layer so they must not touch it. And for active kids add a head strap so they can’t lose their mask no matter how active they are!

How to encourage your child to wear a face mask

  • Be a role model and wear your own mask all the time. Let it become a familiar part of everyday life.
  • Be positive about masks and use positive reinforcement. Praise them when they wear their mask.
  • Be patient as they get used to masks and set up clear routines and guidelines. When we put on masks, when and how we remove them.
  • Practice putting on and removing a mask whilst explaining how important it is for them to wear it.
  • Make them aware of the dangers of hand to mouth transmission especially

Wearing Face Masks to School

The wearing of a face mask is compulsory for children now attending school and will be for a long time to come. Of course the same applies to teachers and staff who are in contact with the children. Everyone must wear a mask at ALL times.

Children have to wear the mask throughout the day – this includes lessons, breaks and before they enter the school premises.

Masks need to be washed every day so have two masks for alternate days.

Schools are currently revising and considering their own mask policies and PPE strategies as they find the best ways to protect children and staff alike. We are in negotiation with a number of schools to supply face masks for their pupils so know first-hand the challenges they face and how they are revising and implementing their own specific school policy.

kids mask South Africa
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kids masks south africa

Do Children Need to Wear Face Masks in South Africa?

Yes, they do. Rules and regulations are and will be enforced and no exceptions will be made by the authorities.

It’s vital we get our children used to wearing a face mask and being aware of how to use them effectively. It will take some getting used to, and some kids just won’t understand why they must wear a mask and why they have to keep them on and follow strict guidelines on mask use. Best they get used to wearing a mask now and making it part of their daily routine. Gradually introduce them to wearing their reusable scuba masks every day. Start a routine and build on it so that it becomes second nature to them. Mealtimes, drinking and removing a mask has to become second nature to them.

Make it fun but stress how serious it is. By the time they start moving around it will be the norm and you won’t have the challenge of getting children to use a face mask a week before schools open.

Are children safe wearing a facemask?

They are certainly a lot safer than if they do not wear a mask. Limiting hand to mouth transmission is one of the major factors to reduce COVID -19 infection rates in children. We all know kids are continuously sticking their fingers in their mouth or nose and touching everything they see.  Get them used to wear a children’s face mask now! Protect your kids and don’t compromise on quality when you chose your face mask for your children.

As a concerned parent myself – unless we have schooled our kids about the gravity of proper face mask wear and affirm this as second nature, their risk to become infected could be compromised.

Read a handy guide for children and the Coronavirus here: and what UNICEF recommends for parents and children here:


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Scuba Three Ply Face Mask

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